What makes you choose “THE ORGANIC GARDEN”?

Finding stores that would deliver organic food items has always been a strangled issue to most of the health-conscious population. Isn’t it?

Here is where The Organic Garden has come to make your life healthier, easier and more convenient. Being an extremely adaptable marketer, the company soon realized how important it is to move towards e-commerce for better sustainability. This further led to the close of 12 physical stores spread across Mumbai and the establishment of an e-commerce portal. Ever since, the customer database of the company has kept on increasing with uncanny consistency. Started as a small venture, it has expanded over this period of time. Being present in the market since 2012, The Organic Garden has been unstoppably making organic food available and accessible to customers in Mumbai and across the country.

But, why should you choose The Organic Garden?

  1. Quality assurance – The produce is grown in various parts of Maharashtra and yet there is no compromise on the quality. With the two-tier quality control system, we ensure absolutely no derogation on quality is entertained. The produce is not only checked in the farm but also lab tested through a variety of methods.
  2. Internationally certified – The produce sold by The Organic Garden is internationally certified. An international certifying body called ECOCERT has been used for the same. These certifications are government backed and are thoroughly monitored by agricultural authorities. These certificates allow you to be sure that the produce sold here is completely organic.
  3. Various ordering pathways – In order to enhance the user experience especially in terms of ordering, there are various pathways open that would make placing the order easier for customers based in Mumbai. You can either go online and place the order through the website or give a call on the given number and verbally give your order. But, in case you cannot do any of these then you can even place your order on WhatsApp, giving all the necessary details, and we would be happy to help you.
  4. The range of products – Right from pulses and grains to fruits and vegetables, the company keeps a wide range of products wherein the seasonal fruits and veggies are deliverable in Mumbai and grocery items such as flours, pulses, cereals, oils and so on are delivered across the country.

The Organic Garden is one of the leading organic food suppliers that is reliable and trustworthy in terms of its quality as well as its service.

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