Whole wheat modak – churma modak

This delicious delicacy is quite popular in Maharashtra. Being prepared with whole wheat flour churma, the dish marks its auspiciousness as it is prepared by many households on several festive occasions. The churma modak has a long shelf life, around 15-20 days. Also, please note that preparing the dish two days prior makes it taste better.

Organic Wheat Flour
Coconut powder
Organic Poppy Seeds
Refined oil

1: Make a thick dough of organic wheat flour, water and hot ghee.
2: Make puris of this dough and proceed to deep fry it.
3: Once deep fried, remove the puris and leave them aside.
4: Take these puris and make small pieces of them. Later put it in the grinder and grind it till it becomes powder.
5: Mix the powder of sugar and cardamom in the churma.
6: Roast the poppy seeds and add almonds and cashew.
7: Grind the mixture till it is powder and mix it into the mixture.
8: Take a cup of ghee and add it to the churma mixture.
9: Now stuff the entire mixture in modak mold and serve it.

TIP: The modak tastes best when prepared 2 days before serving.

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