Why do People Suffering From Diabetes Should Prefer Organic Food

The number of people suffering from diabetes is growing rapidly since past decade. While many freak out in the name of diabetes little realising that often diabetes ca be controlled through proper diet plans.

Statistically speaking one American suffers from diabetes in every three minutes making the alarming situation echo even more worldwide.


Our pancreas exude a hormone called insulin that acts as a key to open the cells of our body letting the glucose (in taken through food items) get into the cells. A person suffers from diabetes of Type 1 or 2 when this system of the body fails. When the glucose is no longer able to get inside the cell it leads to rise in sugar level of blood.

Hence diabetes develop when the glucose fails to enter the cells.


Yes, diabetes can be controlled under appropriate medications as well as active awareness about it. These are several ways in which diabetes can be controlled.

REDUCTION IN STRESS – Do not stress out more since the rise in stress raises the sugar level in your blood. Try to control stress as much as you can. Get indulged into varies activities that soothes down the stress. You should always opt for walking, hobby classes and deep breathing exercises.

ORGANIC FOOD – There are several food items that are good for diabetic diets. Eating organic food allows your body to intake rich in nutrients food that is devoid of pesticides. Food items like – Organic spinach, organic oats, organic olive oil and organic quinoa seeds are largely helpful to diabetic patients.

Apart from the mentioned food items olive oil, fishes and spices like organic cinnamon are also largely beneficial.Organic food items are free from pesticides or any other chemical components owing to which they carry no harmful side effects

THINGS TO KEEP CHECK – Diabetic patients should always keep check upon the blisters, cuts, red spots and swellings. Medicinal aid should be provided to the suffered spots as soon as possible. Timely medicines should also be taken since it is necessary for the maintenance of health.

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