Why is Organic Brown Basmati rice a happy dose of health

Rice has always been a favorite commodity, especially for Indian Cuisines. No meal is complete until it is complemented with rice. Even though there is the variety of rice crop grown in India, one of the favorite ones is – Basmati rice.

Basmati rice marks its origin in India with a unique fragrance that makes any dish delicious beyond measure. Based on its mill’s process it is categorized as Organic Brown Basmati rice and White Basmati rice. While the Organic white basmati rice differs with brown because the organic brown basmati rice carries the hull and the brain that makes it whole grain.

However, when you talk about the health benefits the brown rice tends to win the race in lot many ways. Let us figure out what makes brown basmati rice a happy dose of health-

1. Good for diabetic patients – Organic brown basmati rice is good for the diabetic patients. These are low on a glycemic index which helps in regulating the insulin spikes. Diabetic patients are not advised to eat rice because of its sugar content, however, brown rice is highly advisable.

2. Rich in Selenium – Selenium is the element that is known to reduce the risk of illness such as Cancer. It is also rich in antioxidants that safeguard us against cancer. The body requires the smallest amount of selenium to prepare special minerals and enzymes.

3. High in Manganese – Our body requires manganese for the correct functioning and about 80% of daily manages requirement can be fulfilled by brown basmati rice. Manganese is vital since it also takes a good care of our nervous system and reproductive health.

4. Rich in naturally occurring oil – It is also loaded with naturally occurring oil that is highly important for the body. These naturally occurring oils make the smooth functioning of the body. It normalizes the level of cholesterol which is highly significant.

5. Good for weight loss – Weight loss seems to be concerned worldwide, however, consuming basmati brown rice can easily help you in reducing the weight. It promotes the bowel movement since it is high on fibers.

The organic brown basmati rice has to be your first choice especially when it comes to diabetes or weight loss. While normal rice is usually not advised to such medical conditions brown rice is definitely suggested. Choosing organically grown rice over the conventional one gives you nutrients that are not adulterated with pesticides of any kind.

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