Why is Organic Farming in Trend?

Lately, Organic Farming is being taken up as one of the agendas in our budget. While the country is stepping towards increased development, the rising health concerns due to overuse of pesticides has become a cause of concern. The government is making sure it takes the necessary steps in order to promote organic crops and encourage farmers to adapt traditional methods of organic farming.

Since the term ‘organic farming’ is indeed making the news every now and then, you must be wondering what exactly it is? And how is it making a difference to our food?

Organic farming is the kind of farming in which the farmer profusely uses natural substance such as cow dung instead of chemicals and pesticides. The organically grown vegetables, fruits or groceries are healthier to consume since they are devoid of any pesticides and chemicals. Organic farming methods include those where the crops are grown with the help of organic fertilisers. In this kind of farming there is absolutely no interference of inorganic fertilisers, which is why the crops grown through pure organic farming methodologies are said to be safest.


Soil fertility – Since organic farming methods retain the fertility of the soil, problems like soil erosion are avoided. It prevents the land from degrading, thus letting the farmer sow it for a longer span of time.

Healthy produce – The output of organic farming tends to be healthier as compared to inorganic produce. Since there is no usage of pesticides in the process, the fruits turn out to be nutritionally rich and healthy to consume.

Minimum input – Opting for organic farming reduces the cost of production to a larger extent. Since the input is natural the farmer need not spend much in buying pesticides and fertilizers which cuts down the cost of production in terms of inputs drastically.

Multiple crops – Using organic methods of farming helps nourish the soil with a variety of nutrients, making it capable of producing more than one type of crop. On the contrary if you use fertilisers and pesticides your land loses some of its properties, forcing you to grow only one type of crop.

Organic farming adds life to your soil and prevents its desertification to a great extent. The produce is healthier, and most importantly the organic methods of farming are friendly to the farmers budget.

We strongly stand in support of organically produced food items. Our organic products are tested on multiple levels under stringent quality control measures before being delivered to you.

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