Why organic leafy vegetables must be your first preference

We are advised to eat green vegetables as much as we can, as they are loaded with the vitamins and minerals required by the body. These organic leafy vegetables moreover, are free from pesticides, which make them even healthier to consume. There are numerous health benefits associated with leafy vegetables.

These vegetables are low in calories and fats and certainly fulfil most of the requirements of the body. They are also loaded with iron, vitamin C and K. Vegetables like organic cabbage, organic kale, organic broccoli and organic spinach are some of the top leafy vegetables that you should munch on every now and then.

Being enriched with vitamin K is one of their critical aspects, since they aid in preventing certain age-related conditions. The inadequacy of Vitamin K can lead to cardiovascular diseases, bone fragility as well as calcification of the kidney. These veggies are also loaded with Vitamin B which further converts the carbohydrates in food to glucose, that the body can utilise to produce energy.

Furthermore, it can also prevent colon cancer which is one of the most commonly caused cancers. Their richness in fibre makes these leafy vegetables vital for weight loss. They induce proper bowel moment and keep your digestive system healthier. They also help in lowering cholesterol levels and keep blood pressure under check. They help to temper the spikes in blood sugar levels by slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates in the blood stream.

These leafy vegetables are also said to be rich in calcium. Being a rich source of calcium implies healthy teeth and bones. It also ends up contributing to the functioning of muscles and blood flow. These virtuous veggies are a marvellous source of folate. An adequate amount of folate reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and memory loss.

Subsequently, the presence of Vitamin E and C contributes to keeping your skin healthy and radiant. The amalgamate of these vitamins protects the skin from damage caused by the sun’s rays, which make you less prone to cataracts and muscular degeneration.

Consumption of green leafy vegetables is vital for good health as they are blessed with virtuous nutrients that are essential for your well-being.

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