Why to buy Organic Quinoa seeds?

Organic quinoa seeds are gluten free and loaded with proteins, making them popular worldwide. Globally the popularity of quinoa seeds is immense because they contain all 9 types of essential Amino Acids.
There are numerous health benefits associated with organic quinoa seeds such as –

  1. Extensively loaded with fibres – Fibres are essential for a healthy digestive system. The presence of soluble and insoluble fibres aid in improving the functioning of your digestive system. They facilitate smooth bowel movements.
  2. Gluten free – Survey shows that around one-third of people in the USA are intolerant to gluten. However, the fact that they are gluten free and nutritious, makes organic quinoa seeds extremely popular. All those who prefer gluten-free, opt for organic quinoa seeds.
  3. Blood sugar level – They contribute to keeping blood sugar levels under control. Since organic quinoa seeds have a low glycaemic index, they are widely preferred by diabetic patients. They maintain blood sugar levels and hence are capable of safeguarding you from diabetes and other heart-related diseases.
  4. Loaded with iron and manganese – Several important minerals like iron and manganese are loaded in these seeds which are important for the bod
  5. Laden with Anti-Oxidants – These seeds are also high in anti-oxidants. Anti-Oxidants obstruct the growth of free radicals. Free radicals are very often responsible for ailments like cancer. Enough anti-oxidants if consumed can also ensure anti-aging.
  6. Aiding in weight loss – Another worthy benefit of Organic Quinoa seeds, is that they aid in losing excess weight. They enhance the metabolism rate of the body and add fewer calories.

How to eat organic quinoa seeds?

There are a number of ways of eating organic quinoa seeds. Here are some –

  1. Cook them for 20 straight minutes and eat them plain. They attain a nutty flavour which is good in taste.
    2. You can also stuff them along with vegetables and eat them as stuffed material.
    3. Grain salad is another way of cooking them. You simply have to cook them a little, add salt and spice, and some vegetables.
    4. Add them to your breakfast by cooking them and topping them with egg.

Where to buy them from?

There are ample retail outlets that sell quinoa seeds. However organic quinoa seed are not available with everyone. In order to eat fresh and healthy food, you must choose organic. There are retail outlets that specially sell organic quinoa seeds. Moreover, you can also buy organic quinoa seeds online. To buy organic quinoa seeds online you can simply browse through our website and place an order.

Under stringent quality control measures, The Organic Garden ensures that absolutely no comprise over quality occurs. The organic quinoa seeds available with us are free from pesticides or any other harmful chemical substance.

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