Why you should welcome winter with Organic Kiwi

Organic Kiwis are loaded with numerous health benefits. Kiwis are rich and tangy in taste and they are considered the favourite fruit of many. Kiwis are found abundantly in the market when winter arrives. This nutritionally gifted fruit is blessed with vitamin C, anti–oxidants, as well as skin radiance elements.

Let us read more to find out what other benefits the Organic Kiwi possesses –

  1. A source of Vitamin C & E – If compared with the other, the organic kiwi would on any day outshine the organic orange in terms of vitamin C content. Vitamin C is vital for strengthening the immune system. Similarly, its richness in vitamin E helps in dealing with bad cholesterol. The combination of vitamin C and E makes this fruit extremely beneficial for your body’s healthy functioning.
  2. Prevents numerous skin diseases – Number of skin diseases are prevented by eating organic kiwis. Being absolutely free from pesticides, organic fruits carry no side effects. The fruit carries Omege-3 fatty acids which help in prevention of many skin disorders and diseases.
  3. Keeps your skin healthy – We all crave for radiant skin that glows. The presence of collagen present in the fruit helps in healing cuts and marks. It also keeps the skin intact and prevents it from getting rough.
  4. Prevents the excess of sebum – Sebum deposits on the skin can cause acne. Organic kiwi, when mixed with lemon juice, can aid in eradicating your acne problems. You can prepare it like a face pack and allow it to rest on your face for sometime. Doing this regularly can bring you relief from various skin issues.
  5. Sun damage is controlled – Since the organic kiwi is loaded with amino acid it prevents the sun’s rays from damaging the skin.
  6. Treats dandruff – Consuming pesticide free kiwis also helps treat your dandruff. It works towards strengthening the blood vessels required to combat scalp conditions such as dandruff. Consumption of the fruit also reduces inflammation, which further leads to reduction in hair loss.
  7. Diet – If you are following a weight loss regime then this is one ideal food that you should consider eating. Being low in calories, organic kiwis work well for those who are on a diet, as they help in keeping your calorie levels under the scanner.
  8. Decreases loss of hair – If hair loss is the problem that you face, then even that can be sorted with the organic kiwi fruit. Minerals present in the fruit like zinc and magnesium stimulate blood circulation and protect you from hair damage.

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